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Water distribution
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Design and manufacture of multipurpose industrial centrifugal pumps. We offer comprehensive services, from the selection of the pump to the complete installation of a station.

All our pumps all have to undergo a test bench trial. We also offer maintenance and repair services onsite and/or in our workshop.

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Water - Pumps

A complete range of vertical & horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps for heavy-duty applications. Max. 1,200 m3/h - Max. Head: 700 MWC – Max. Temperature: 100°C


Mining - Pumps

Max. Flow: 1,000 m3/h - Max. Head: 80 MWC


Borehole - Pumps

A complete range of borehole submersible pumps in a wide variety of materials. Max. 1,000 m3/h - Max Head: 250 MWC - Max Temperature: 40°C

Cooling Pumps

Cooling Pumps - Pumps

Diesel engine cooling fresh and sea water pumps - Max. Flow: 1,000 m3/h - Max. Head: 100 MWC

Hydrocyclone / Separator

Hydrocyclone / Separator - Pumps

Max. Flow: 1,200 m3/h - Max. Head 60 MWC (Separator up to 30 T/h Kernel/shell treatment)

Palm Oil

Palm Oil - Pumps

Crude and refined palm oil - Max. Flow: 1,200 m3/h - Max. Head: 100 MWC


Technical Assistance: theoretical fundamentals and maintenance plan for all types of pumps in the ACH range.

Practical applications in our workshops.

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Test Bench

We test all types of submersible pumps as well as ground floor pumps.

Our test bench is certified ISO 9906 Class 1 and our measuring equipment is calibrated according to the specific characteristics of our business.

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Pump Maintenance & Repair

We provide maintenance and repair services for pumps of any make: repair (onsite dismantling, diagnosis, repair in workshop, test bench trials, reassembly, and guarantees) and preventive maintenance of operational pumps with the option of multiannual contracts for the installation of temporary pumping stations/units.

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Defining the criteria for a quality management system, ISO 9001 is based on a number of quality management principles, including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, a process approach and a continuous improvement strategy.